• Allows for long distances between Supports
  • Manages slopes without a problem
  • Transports up to 3,000 people per hour per direction

The supports were assembled outside of the Wuhle Valley, so the sensitive natural space was not damaged and there was no need to prepare paths. With a passenger capacity of 3,000 people per hour per direction, the ropeway can transport enough guests even during peak hours.

Review of alternative transportation

An investigation was performed to figure out which means of transportation would be most suitable for accessing the grounds of the IGA Berlin 2017. The following means of transportation were given close consideration during this process:

1. An incline tram

  • Drives on tracks and needs supports spaced about 12 to 24 meters apart
  • Has capacity for up to 40 people per cabin

The result:

  • A large space would be needed to construct it and it would thus have a greater impact on the environment
  • It wouldn’t offer sufficient passenger transport capacity   

2. A monorail railway

  • Drives on a track and needs supports spaced about 15 to 25 meters apart
  • Limited ability to manage slopes
  • Doesn’t have sufficient passenger transport capacity

The result:

  • The close spacing of the supports would make it necessary to place support pillars in the Wuhle Valley as well
  • It wouldn’t be possible to access the Kienberg with this means of transportation, since the train wouldn’t be able to manage the climb to the top of the mountain

3. Pathways and electric minibuses

  • Need a sufficiently wide path to be used safely
  • Would require a wide bridge over the WuhleLimited ability to manage slopes with an electric motor
  • Don’t have sufficient passenger transport capacity

The result:

  • Would require the construction of a bridge, since it wouldn’t be possible to drive a train or bus over the pedestrian and biking bridge over the Wuhle that has been planned thus far
  • Supports would have to be built for the bridge in the Wuhle Valley in order to carry the heavy loads and this would have a considerable impact on the sensitive natural Environment
  • Couldn’t be used to access the Kienberg, since the climb onto the mountain would be too steep for a path