The Förster planning office was hired by LEITNER AG to provide support on any issues related to nature and the environment. This included processing all relevant documents for the approval process and the development of protective measures to avoid and keep as minimal as possible any negative impact on nature and landscape.

Within the context of this project, for example, workers walked along the entire line to plan out locations for supports and stations on the Kienberg and optimize locations.

Until the spring of 2014, experienced experts recorded the animals and plants living on the IGA grounds. The results of the mapping formed an important basis for the environmental impact study and the landscape maintenance plan accompanying the ropeway. In the approval documents, measures for avoiding, minimizing, and compensating for interventions were discussed.

During construction, a so-called ecological construction overseer was on hand to make sure that all of the environment-related stipulations from the approval process were implemented. This meant that the concerns relating to nature and landscape were addressed in all phases of planning.

Careful incorporation of the ropeway into the Wuhle Valley

  • Consideration of wooded Areas
  • Minimal space requirements
  • No construction corridor across the Wuhle Valley
  • Minimization of disruptions to the animal world caused by construction
  • Green ropeway stations