Cabin Ropeway in Ankara, Turkey

In the Turkish capital, LEITNER ropeways built a detachable 10-cabin ropeway that stretched 3,228 meters from the Şentepe district to the Yenimahalle metro station and the main traffic artery in the area. This way of connecting the district to public passenger transport relieved the strain on street traffic in the city considerably. Their modern design and unique architecture make the individual stations a visual highlight. This ropeway is the largest urban ropeway project on the Eurasian continent.

From Bozen to the Ritten – South Tyrol/Italy

In just five minutes, people can float from the city center in Bozen to Ritten and to some of the most beautiful lookout spots in the mountains surrounding the capital city of the province. The new 4.5 kilometer long gondola tram was built in 2009. Besides providing access to an attractive destination for tourists, another main goal was to relieve street traffic between Bozen and the popular mountain ridge. The first tricable gondola lift in Italy was a complete success. Around one million passengers use the ropeway every year. Traffic was reduced on the street and the importance of Ritten as a destination was enhanced, while the attractiveness of the residential area increased.


City Ropeway In Manizales, Columbia

Along one of the streets with the heaviest traffic in Manizales, Colombia, the South Tyrolean company built a 10-person cabin ropeway already in 2009. This transports up to 2,400 people per hour over two kilometers from a regional bus terminal to the city center. This eased the at times very chaotic traffic situation. Due to its success, an extension is already being built to the next suburb of Villamaria. In Ordu on the Turkish Black Sea coast, where an 8-person cabin ropeway connects the beach with a local recreational area at a higher elevation, an urban ropeway has already been installed as well.


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