Demand for ropeways to take over urban transport routes is growing worldwide. They are fast and comparably inexpensive to build, they take up very little space, and their low energy consumption and emissions make them a sustainable way to protect the environment. In Bozen, LEITNER ropeways was involved in the construction of the first ropeway for passenger transport in Central Europe as early as 1908. Since then, the company from South Tyrol has built ropeway systems in ca. 70 countries worldwide. Today, passenger transport is an important area of operations for LEITNER.

Since ropeway components are preassembled in advance, it is possible to complete ropeways within a short period of time, even in just a few months.

Ideal conditions to prepare for the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Berlin 2017. After the planning phase and approval process, it was possible to create a user-friendly and fast transport connection to the city center of Berlin with a connection to Subway Line 5 and configure the IGA premises in an accessible way within a very short period of time.

Construction of the Ropeway to the Gardens of the World – Berlin

Installation of the first support on-site was the official start of the ropeway in Berlin. At the same time, the ropeway stopover station had already been mounted and foundation work had already started on both of the other stations. Construction work on the mechanical parts of the supports and stations was completed by April 2016 and it was time to pull the cable. It was operated on a trial basis in the late summer of 2016 after delivery of the cabins. This left enough time to complete the architecture of the stations “Kienberg Park” and “Gardens of the World”, including the cultivation of vegetation until the start of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Berlin 2017 on April 13, 2017.

All told, construction work on the ropeway lasted from December 2015 to October 2016.

Preassembly of the First Support on 3/15/2016