LEITNER ropeways made the special architectural features and the creation of a design that is as close to nature as possible a top priority for the station design, which is evidenced by the vegetation on the roofs among other things. The stations were designed by Kolb Ripke Architekten from Berlin.

A cabin station is housed in the Gardens of the World station, meaning that all passenger cabins are collected and stored there when not in operation. This station also houses the “Climbing Parks of the World” exhibition. The exhibition features unique, legendary, and mysterious climbing parks from around the world as well as creative minds, passionate pioneers, and their inspiring stories.

Even the station on the Kienberg has been constructed in a very landscape-oriented way as a station for boarding, embarking, or riding through. The neighboring trees are higher than the facility. Only the waiting area is covered by a roof, in order to protect passengers from the elements.