A detachable gondola lift GD10 cabin ropeway was used for this project. Each cabin has 10 seats and offers unique traveling comfort.

The Gardens of the World ropeway at a glance:

1.5 km long

System type:
Detachable gondola lift (GD10) with 64 cabins, six of which are equipped with a glass floor, 10 passangers s per cabin

Cabin weight:
900 kg

Ropeway supports:
Outside of the station area, a total of six supports

Traveling speed:
Maximum 21.6 km/h

Traveling time:
4 min. 25 sec.

Traveling cable:
Diameter 50 mm, made of high-strength steel cables, length: 3230 m

Construction time:
6 months

Maximum height during journey:
35 m

3,000 passengers per hour in each direction, 10 persons per cabin

LEITNER DirectDrive electric motor (especially energy-efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly - developed and produced by LEITNER ropeways)

“Gärten der Welt” at Blumberger Damm 40 (this is the station housing the exhibition “Climbing Gardens of the World”)
“Wolkenhain” - stopover station
“Kienbergpark” on Hellersdorfer Street with direct connection to Subway Line 5 with the Kienberg station (Gärten der Welt)

Ropeway manufacturer:
LEITNER ropeways headquartered in South Tyrol, Italy

Operator and investor:
LEITNER Seilbahn Berlin GmbH

Architecture of the green ropeway station:

Kolb Ripke Architekten