The “Gardens of the World - Berlin” ropeway was an absolute highlight of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Berlin 2017. Beside the IGA guests, the Berliners themselves were also thrilled from the very start. The impressive result: The ropeway completed three million trips in the first six months! This has given rise to a new attraction in the German metropolis that has quickly become a popular leisure time tip for city residents seeking a bit of relaxation.

Since December 1, 2017, the ropeway has connected the “Gardens of the World” to the Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) subway station with just a five-minute ride. On the 110-meter-high Kienberg there is a stopover station that seamlessly accommodates wheelchair access. This ensures that the new Wolkenhain and nature bobsleigh run attractions in the “Kienberg Park” can be accessed quickly and easily.

In addition to the attractions on the Kienberg Plateau, the park’s existing forest, which underwent further ecological development for the IGA Berlin 2017, is another distinguishing feature. At the foot of the mountain is the Kienberg Terrace with a south-facing hillside and the Wuhle Valley.

With the ropeway and surrounding parkway, you can escape the chaos of the city for a few hours and enjoy environmentally friendly mobility in natural surroundings.

The “Gardens of the World” as well as the “Kienberg Park” were built by the local corporation Grün Berlin GmbH, and are also operated by the same company.

LEITNER ropeways, a company founded in Sterzing (South Tyrol/Italy) in the year 1888 that realizes ropeway projects worldwide, was responsible for building the ropeway. Not only is LEITNER ropeways the builder on this project, but at the same time it also functions as the operator and investor. Costs of 14 million euros for the construction and operation of the IGA ropeway were covered by the company itself. Public funds weren’t used.