Ropeway systems from LEITNER are in use worldwide and have been used for a variety of purposes with lasting success. In keeping with the company’s roots, they get skiers and snowboarders to the slopes comfortably, securely, and quickly. Gondolas from LEITNER ropeways are increasingly being used for alternative purposes. They transport people to tourist destinations and help relieve the traffic problems of the urban environment. All the while, the ropeways offer the highest comfort coupled with exciting riding experiences.

Berlin is one of the greenest metropolises in Europe. Grün Berlin Gruppe has been instrumental in shaping the urban landscapes of Berlin: from the Berlin Wall Memorial to the Kulturforum, from the Park at Gleisdreieck to the International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017, from the Britzer Garten to the tourist information system.

As a local corporation, the company has been responsible for developing, realizing, and operating complex free space projects as well as a multitude of projects and parkways significant for tourism in the city.


From April 13 to October 15, 2017, Berlin hosted the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) - the largest garden festival in Germany. The first IGA in the capital city, which welcomed over 1.6 million guests from Berlin, Germany, and all of Europe, surprised and delighted guests with an unexpectedly impressive nature experience in the middle of the popular metropolis. A diverse park landscape surrounding the Gardens of the World and the newly created Kienberg Park welcomed guests of the IGA with traditional garden arts as well as inspiring exhibition submissions, for a contemporary green lifestyle. Under the motto “An OCEAN of Colors” the IGA Berlin 2017 alluded to the fascinating contradictions of the capital city.

Companies involved in the project: