The around 16 kilometers long Wuhle Valley hiking path is among the 20 main green paths in Berlin and follows along the little stream for its entire length. In the area directly bordering the Kienberg, the snow melt channel originating in the Ice Age has been set up like a park. This northern part of the valley is extended by the Wuhleteich Pond and is one of the most popular green spaces in the northeastern part of Berlin. It acts as a meeting place for hikers, joggers, bikers, and Berliners looking for a place to relax.

A green oasis devoid of vehicle traffic. Above the Wuhle Valley, the environmentally friendly ropeway floats quietly, offering a unique perspective of the nature in the valley with its numerous animal and plant species.
Further along, the path leads through the sprawling single family house area until the Wuhle flows into the Spree in Köpenick.