Your daily activity in Berlin? The Gardens of the World in Berlin present nine international show gardens and ten themed garden showcase unique and impressive with traditional and modern gardening arts from five continents.

The Gardens of the World in Berlin were first created for the Berlin Garden Show in 1987. In 2000, the Chinese Garden was created as the first and largest themed garden. By the year 2017, nine additional international show gardens from Asia, Europe, and the Orient have followed. Gardens from England, Japan, Korea, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Bali, and Thailand invite visitors to embark on a trip around the world and through time, on various continents and through different eras. Your daily activity in Berlin.

In 2017, the Gardens of the World in Berlin was host of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Berlin 2017 and have expanded during the course of development work from its original 21 hectors to 43 hectors. Various themed areas presented to the visitors at the opening of the IGA Berlin 2017; such as the “Promenada Aquatica”, the playground “Conrad's Journey in the South Sea” or the energy-efficient tropical house with the Balinese gardens and new modern international show gardens are still part of the expanded parkway.

The visitor’s centre with a wide selection of gastronomical offerings, the arena with its 5,000 seats for various events, and the different gastronomical establishments also welcome visitors to stay a while during their daily activity in Berlin.

As a local corporation, the Grün Berlin Group’s work in developing, realizing, and operating complex free space projects together with a multitude of projects and parkways significant for tourism in the area are what set it apart from the rest. Grün Berlin has been instrumental in shaping Berlin’s urban landscape with its parkways and projects.