The ropeway Gardens of the World - Berlin offers the best things to do in Berlin. It’s a short, convenient, exciting, and accessible way to travel to the parkway of the same name from the Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) subway station. With the ropeway, you can float above the parkway, experiencing the landscape from a fresh new perspective.

Things to do in East Berlin? In addition to the Gardens of the World, there are plenty of other parkways and open spaces in the vicinity for urbanites seeking relaxation to explore, since the Marzahn-Hellersdof district has the third-largest proportion of green space of all Berlin districts.

It was during the course of the International Garden Exhibition that the Kienberg Park was created. In the process, what was already there was enhanced in order to achieve a greater diversity of structures and species. Brand new attractions including the Wolkenhain lookout tower, panorama cafe, and nature bobsleigh run make the Kienberg Plateau the park’s focal point to find the best things to do in Berlin. On the plateau there is the “Wolkenhain” ropeway stopover.  

Covering around 16 km, the Wuhle Valley is the longest greenway in the eastern part of the capital city and stretches from Ahrensfelde all the way to Köpenick. An engaging hiking and biking path beckons for extended journeys. The ropeway swoops over this landscape shaped by glacial forces and up to the Kienberg.