Sledding even in the summer - promises fun for the entire family and for things to do in Berlin.
Adjacent to the ropeway station and the Wolkenhain at the peak of the Kienberg, another exciting highlight and attraction for kids has emerged for visitors big and small: the nature bobsleigh run. The first summer sledding track in Berlin is a special highlight at the complex.

On an almost 500-meter-long ride through the valley, the bobsleds can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. Your journey doesn’t end once you've reached the bottom, where you’ll find a path to the panorama spinner about 8 meters up. From the spinner, visitors can enjoy two 360° views overlooking the Gardens of the World. Then it’s time to take a relaxing ride on the ropeway back up to the top of the mountain where the stop is located. Enjoy fun things to do in Berlin and savour this great attraction for kids.


You can find opening hours here.