64 cabins, six of them equipped with a glass floor, offer spectacular views of the Gardens of the World and all the way to the center of Berlin. The ropeway operates along a total route length of 1.5 kilometers, is located right next to the Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) subway station on Subway Line 5, and will get you to the “Gardens of the World” in just five minutes.

At the parkway of Grün Berlin GmbH, you can experience international garden artistry spread across 43 hectares. From traditional gardens divided into ten different themed gardens, through to contemporary landscape architecture from five continents, the “Gardens of the World” invite you to take a journey through diverse eras and cultures.

On the way there, you can float over the Wuhle Valley up to the top of the Kienberg. At the “Wolkenhain” or “Cloud Grove” stopover station, a lookout tower of the same name awaits with a panorama cafe. The nature bobsleigh run, which is also operated by LEITNER Seilbahn Berlin GmbH, welcomes you in both winter and summer to take a ride with the whole family and is another new attraction on the Kienberg. After the ride, continue your trip over the parkway, stopping at the ropeway station “Gardens of the World”.

At the valley station, the free exhibition offers impressive information on the “Climbing Gardens of the World”.

With over three million rides, the ropeway was a main attraction at the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Berlin already in 2017.